30 Jul 2019
  • Competitively priced animal feed store
  • We are a family run business with many years experience in providing our clients and their much loved pets with a wide range of animal feeds. Suppliers of horse feed, dog food, cat food, livestock feed, and a wide range of accessories.

    As well as providing a wide range of horse bedding we also stock a range of other seasonal essentials.  We have a number of fly repellents in stock to take care of those nasty critters that irritate our horses at this time of year.  We even have a citronella wrist band to help keep the flies away from you.

    And of course if you have smaller furry friends, then why not take a look around our online shop and see the range of items we have in stock for them.  We cater for rabbits, ferrets, poultry, cats and dogs.  Our products are very competitively priced and we offer a delivery service for a very small fee.  Please note that minimum purchase does apply for the delivery service.

    If there is an item you require, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be happy to assist you.