01 May 2018
  • A complete range of horse bedding to suit your needs
  • As there are a number of different factors to consider when selecting horse bedding, we can help you make the right choice.   With a huge variety of horse bedding to choose from it can be quite overwhelming to make a decision.  And of course you may need to consider your equine partners specific needs too. 

    That is why our country feed store stock a huge selection of horse bedding that caters for the budget conscious to horse's that need respiratory specific bedding.  Sometimes we may even need to consider what type of horse bedding is the easiest to dispose of as some farmers may not like to work with certain types of bedding to use as fertiliser.

    Our animal feed store stocks the widest range of horse bedding in the area.  So if you have to consider your budget, your horses medical requirements or even your storage availability we can help you find the perfect horse bedding to suit all your needs.

    We can also offer advice on stable maintenance.  Rubber matting is an excellent way of maximising your horse bedding.  Initially it may seem like an expense but over the cost and hygiene benefits are excellent.  We supply a range of rubber matting.

    Please take a look around our horse bedding section here.  You can place your order online and remember when you order 5 or move bales of any horse bedding you will save £0.20p per bag.