06 Aug 2018
  • Paul O'Grady No Nasties Dog Food now in store
  • Paul O'Grady has a huge love for dogs so it is no surprise he has teamed up with Burgess to create a brand of dog food.  The range comes in five flavours and has been in the works for 18 months.

    Paul O'Grady spent time visiting the Burgess factory in Yorkshire, where he spoke to their team and looked at formulas with Burgess’s head vet Dr Suzanne Moyes. From this work with Moyes, the Paul O’Grady’s range was born, food with no nasties and hypoallergenic foods for dogs with sensitive digestion.

    O’Grady said: “Burgess came to me with the idea over 18 months ago and I think I expanded on their ideas – I could see that there had to be a link between good food and affordable price and I felt that people would trust me to deliver that.”

    Steve Baker, managing director at Burgess Pet Care, added: “Paul’s extremely passionate about all aspects of animal welfare so our partnership with him is a great fit. We’re absolutely delighted to be working with someone who shares our enthusiasm for, and dedication to promoting the health and wellbeing of animals.

    We look forward to working with Paul to ensure that all owners have a healthy, nutritious and affordable choice they can trust when it comes to selecting their dog’s food.”

    The Paul O’Grady’s range will be available in five flavours in a range of sizes. 

    Paul O’Grady’s  range is a complete, balanced food suitable for adult dogs.

    Grain Free
    To meet your dog's unique nutritional needs, this recipe is made using chicken, combined with naturally healthy pulses and country vegetables.

    This recipe excludes the usual ingredients that are known to cause many intolerant reactions - ideal for dogs with sensitive skin or digestion. No Wheat, No Maize, No Beef, No Soya, No Eggs, No Dairy.

    Advanced Protein
    Made with chicken, a highly digestible protein which is full of essential nutrients good for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

    Digestive Health
    This recipe also includes prebiotics and beet pulp, which can help support friendly bacteria in the gut and aid digestion.

    Dental Health
    Made with natural fibres to work with STAY-C®, a form of vitamin C, to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and support their gum health.

    Content courtesy of Pet Gazette.