31 May 2018
  • Wrightpak haylage now in stock at our horse feed store
  • Our horse feed store is proud to announce that we now stock Wrightpak haylage.   These include Premium Rye, Premium Timothy Mix and an Everyday Value Haylage.

    Tasty quality forage horses and ponies love, harvested grasses to maintain horses nutrition and condition you can sustain.

    ​Nutrition to help maintain body condition, provide raw materials for growth, repair damaged tissues and energy for work or exercise.

    Wrightpak is an excellent source of fibre, supplies energy, protein, minerals and vitamins, nutritionally close to natures forage. Delightfully tasty quality feed to keep your horse in top condition and one you can sustain.

    When you make dietary changes introduce Wrightpak gradually over 10 to 15 days.  As a guideline a 15 hh will consume a Wrightpak bale in 3 days which is convenient, cost effective and ensures freshness of product.

    We know that haylage has been in short supply recently, but rest assured our horse feed store carries a wide range of haylage for you to choose from and we try to ensure that we have regular supplies for you and your horse.  You can see our full range of hay/haylage products here.